It was a busy year for 16volt. We want to thank all of our fans, friends and families for your continued support.

Beating Dead Horses CoverWe kicked off 2011 with the completion of our latest album “Beating Dead Horses“. Recorded in Portland, Oregon and mixed in Vancouver B.C. with Shaun Thingvold at Vogville Recording, the album was delivered to Metropolis Records to an excited staff and successful release. The album spent some good time on the sales charts and wowed press and fans alike.

We got to work right away on the video for the song “Burn” from the album. We chose to work with Paul Peterson for his cinematic stylings and spent a few months making the video. We are very proud of the video, it was a big undertaking both artistically and emotionally and thank everyone involved.

In spring we hit the road pairing up with the legendary “My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult” for a 3-week eastern US tour. Bringing the best 16volt show out on the road we have ever done. Thank you to all the guys on that tour and our crew and easterly fans for rocking out with us!

A few months later found us joining up with longtime friends KMFDM for the western US portion of the tour. Being the only band in KMFDM’s history to tour with them twice was not lost on us. It was an honor and again one of the best tours we have ever been able to do. Thanks to everyone with the crew, again all the fans and supporters.

It doesn’t sound like a lot when I write it but it was a ton of work in 2011, especiually coming off the previous few years — we have been pounding it out! We go into 2012 with the exciting news that begining in April, Metropolis will be re-releasing out first four albums, complete with remixes, cover songs, unreleased material and all new artwork from our friend Michael Bodine at Animated Noise. We will release one album a month starting in April, we are working on some sort of tour for Fall to celebrate. We hope to see you again soon. Have a great 2012!