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Operation Beatbox

1996 ReConstriction / Cargo Records

Track listing

1.“Natural Born Killaz” (Dr. Dre & Ice Cube cover)James Anderson, O’Shea Jackson, Andre YoungChrist Analogue4:09
2.“I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That” (Cypress Hill cover)Louis Freese, Lawrence Muggerud, Richard Todd Ray16Volt4:15
3.“Jump Around” (House of Pain cover)EverlastThe Clay People3:34
4.“Colors” (Ice-T cover)Ice-T, Afrika IslamSociety Burning4:56
5.“Night of the Living Baseheads” (Public Enemy cover)Carlton “Chuck D” Ridenhour, Eric “Vietnam” Sadler, Hank ShockleeTerminal 464:11
6.“The Devil Made Me Do It” (Paris cover)Oscar Jackson, Jr.Apparatus4:00
7.“Gangsta’s Paradise” (Coolio & L.V. cover)Stevie Wonder, Coolio, Doug Rasheed, Larry SandersBattery4:52
8.“Push It” (Salt-n-Pepa cover)Hurby Azor, Ray DaviesNumb4:40
9.“Fight the Power” (Public Enemy cover)Hank Boxley, Keith Boxley, Carlton Ridenhour, Eric SadlerD.C.K.4:20
10.“Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun” (Beastie Boys cover)Mike Diamond, Adam Horovitz, John King, Michael Simpson, Adam YauchTinfed & Killing Floor3:55
11.“Prophets of Rage” (Public Enemy cover)William Drayton, Carlton Ridenhour, Eric Sadler, Hank ShockleeSMP3:21
12.“Wicked” (Ice Cube cover)O’Shea JacksonColla Destra4:47
13.“Typical American” (The Goats cover)James D’Angelo, Swayzack, Maxx Stoyanoff-WilliamsSlave Unit3:14
14.“King of Rock” (Run–D.M.C. cover)Darryl McDaniels, Jay Mizel, Joseph Simmons, Larry Smith, Russell SimmonsInstitute of Technology4:56
15.“Mama Said Knock You Out” (LL Cool J cover)James Todd SmithAPolitiq;5:17
16.“Can You Rock It Like This” (Run–D.M.C. cover)J.T. Smith, Larry Smith, Rick RubinInsight 234:37
17.“Two Three Break” (Beastie Boys cover)Mike Diamond, Adam Horovitz, Rick Rubin, Adam YauchAbstinence4:57