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11 I Fail Truth
22 Everyday Everything
33 Don't Pray
44 Keep Sleeping
55 Moutheater
66 Happy Pill
77 The Enemy
88 Machine Kit
99 low
1010 And I Go
1111 Dead Weight
1212 At the End
1313 Happy Pill
1414 Low
1515 At the End


1998 Mercury / Polygram (Out Of Print)
2012 Metropolis Records (Re-Issue with Bonus Material)

After three successful releases with Re-constriction Records, SuperCoolNothingmarks 16volt’s first official outing with a major label. 

Of course, to hear the caustic guitars and programmed rhythms sounding like heavy metal filtered through a vat of battery acid, topped off by Eric Powell’s signature melodic rasp, it becomes clear that 16volt stays true to its virulent brand of industrialized rock. With renowned figures Bill Kennedy and Joseph Bishara helming the production duties, the music on SuperCoolNothing possesses a crisp sound quality that is clean but far from sanitized. Quite the contrary; this album is the heaviest and angriest the band has sounded to date. One need only listen to the explosive power of “Everyday, Everything” for proof with its bursts of growling guitar and Powell’s venomous screams, while “The Enemy” remains a live staple today with its all too appropriate and prescient in its brutal scorn for the record industry. 

Throughout the album the signatures of 16volt’s machine rock formula are cranked to full power, SuperCoolNothing is a full on assault of coldwave energy that solidified the band as one of the foremost entities in underground music. This brilliant album is now remastered and available on Metropolis Records and including bonus remixes from Filter’s Geno Lenardo and Orgy’s Paige Haley, SuperCoolNothing is once again available to rally and rile the rivethead masses and remind us how true machine rock is meant to sound. Long live 16volt!