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The Cyberflesh Conspiracy

1992 If It Moves / ReConstriction / Cargo Records (Out Of Print)

Track listing

1.“Black Radio (In the Neon Blur)”Chemlab3:43
2.“Brutal Rapture”Mentallo & The Fixer5:04
3.“Needle Park”Diatribe5:19
5.“Burial at Sea”Vampire Rodents4:26
6.“Violent Mood Swings”Stabbing Westward6:19
7.“Merciful Release”Watchmen4:38
8.“Squirm”The Bleeding Stone4:58
9.“El Topo” (Remix)Sleep Chamber4:09
10.“Harbinger of Death”Creeping Eruption4:34
11.“Man Mind Machine”We of Sound Mind4:14
13.“Bimbo”Pain Emission3:37
14.“No Tears”Red Red Groove5:03
15.“Man Is the Animal”Teknition4:54
16.“Brain Dead”U.T.O.5:42