new host! no more banners!! thank god. MESSAGE BOARDS ARE UP!!!.

i accidently deleted all the news cause i suck. so the long and short of it was this:

there is a new 16volt cd coming out – it’s called ‘demography > the basement tapes’. it’s a bunch of the old stuff i did before wisdom and some rare stuff too. it’s all really old, some tracks are funny. cleopatra will put it out later this year. for more info go to the catalog section here, you’ll see the cover, track list, etc.

basically here is the deal with 16volt: as you know i started this band a long ass time ago, at the end of 1998/1999 things were rough, we had threats of a lawsuit from our manager on us, we had no record deal, we were playing lame shows in la to a&r; once a week at clubs, we owed people money, it just wasn’t good. i was so burnt out on banging my head against the wall and it all just came to a peak for me, it just seemed so over to me, it was not fun at all, and i wanted all the bad shit to go away. my head hurt, my heart hurt. so i called it quits. it’s been over a year since then and i have grown more interested in doing music again. for the right reasons, not the lame ones. and i put this site up and the response has been freaking amazing. it’s been really touching hearing from the fans.

so i don’t really know what this means. i have started putting some gear back together and writing, once i write some stuff i will go from there, i don’t know what will happen but at least i am in a positive space mentally. i will keep posting stuff up here and let you know.