Wow, that was soooo much fun. We wanted to say thank you to everyone that showed up for the show, Tommy, cXt, orgy, taproot, and everyone, we were honored by your presence. Also and most importantly, THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the fans who traveled to the show, that was just amazing, sean and all you punks were great to hang with, and it just made our year, really. I personally want to thank Krayge and Carlton for gracing us with there amazing professionalism and enthusiasm, you guys are just the bomb, i love you guys. And thanks also to M productions, The Whisky, P.S.L. for the production, The video kids (nick and steve), Chris for brutal front of house and to mary jo for the fed ex cookies and selfless support. HUGE thanks and love to Digital Honeys Crew for brotherly support. Thanks also to the bands who played with us, e-race and inpure you guys ruled it. And…. last but not least, to russ, joe, davey b honeycakes, and columbia luis at Dark City Music, it couldn’t have happend without any of you – much love. We will post the show video up here soon. now…. time for some sleep. – e