2000 Cleopatra Records

1. Pig “Disobedience”
2. Guenter Shulz “Light (Musikist Macht Mix)”
3. DKay.com / Die Krupps “Power”
4. Sigue Sigue Sputnik “Virus”
5. Razed in Black “A Drug Against War”
6. Rosetta Stone “Vogue”
7. 16 Volt vs. Spahn Ranch “Don’t Blow Your Top”
8. Sheep on Drugs “Money”
9. Transmutator feat. Shirley Dayton “Spiritual House”
10. Interface vs. Nick Shifter “Sex on a Flag”
11. Inertia “Juke Joint Jezebel
12. Shining “Megalomaniac”
13. The Filmstrip “Stray Bullet”

Don’t Blow Your Cover: A Tribute to KMFDM