2019 Distortion Productions

  1. Society Burning “Stand In L1ne”
  2. The Fourth Man “Apocalypse (23AD Mix)”
  3. dRAWBACKS “Txt Nu U”
  4. 16 Volt “The Electric Pope (Liquid Giraffe Mix)”
  5. SMP “FWTS”
  6. Leather Strip* “Filling The Graves (En Esch Remix)”
  7. Hate Dept. “Friendless”
  8. Bloodwire “Alive”
  9. Chemlab “21 Fear Shot (Instrumental Mix)”
  10. Red Lokust “Mistakes Were Made (Tragic Impulse Remix)”
  11. Cyanotic “Salvage The Excess (Noir Edit)”
  12. Centhron “Elegie”
  13. Skrew “Christ Crossed”
  14. Microwaved “The End Is Mine”
  15. Rob Robinson (3) “It’s Still Your Fault (God Hates Me)”

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer: Synthcore Dreams Vol. 1