1996 ReConstriction Cargo Records

1. Diatribe “Ultracide”
2. Christ Analogue “Cold Magnetic Sun (Collide Remix)”
3. Killing Floor “Twelve.Ten.Forty-Eight”
4. Collide “Son of a Preacher Man (Raw Mix)”
5. Hexedene “Turn”
6. Waiting for God “Positive I.D.”
7. Purr Machine “Circumstance”
8. Hotbox “Wake”
9. The Clay People “A Strange Day”
10. 16volt “The Cut Collector”
11. Society Burning “Tactiq”
12. Iron Lung Corp “Chemikaze (Society Burning Remix)”
13. Vampire Rodents “Mother Tongue”
14. SMP “Friday the 13th”
15. Tinfed “Disjointed”
16. Sissy Bar “Sissy Bar”

Got Moose? Re-Constriction CD Sampler #2