1992 If It Moves / ReConstriction / Cargo Records (Out Of Print)

1. “Black Radio (In the Neon Blur)” Chemlab
2. “Brutal Rapture” Mentallo & The Fixer
3. “Needle Park” Diatribe
4. “Mindfuck” Babyland
5. “Burial at Sea” Vampire Rodents
6. “Violent Mood Swings” Stabbing Westward
7. “Merciful Release” Watchmen
8. “Squirm” The Bleeding Stone
9. “El Topo” (Remix) Sleep Chamber
10. “Harbinger of Death” Creeping Eruption
11. “Man Mind Machine” We of Sound Mind
12. “Motorskills” 16volt
13. “Bimbo” Pain Emission
14. “No Tears” Red Red Groove
15. “Man Is the Animal” Teknition
16. “Brain Dead” U.T.O.

The Cyberflesh Conspiracy