1995 Cleopatra Records

  1. Regenerator “Everyone Follow (Orgazmix)”
  2. Good Courage “I’m Not There (Remix)”
  3. Apoptygma Berzerk “Electronic Warfare (Full Speed Ahead Version)”
  4. Penal Colony “Among The Living (Frontline Assembly Remix)”
  5. 16Volt “Filthy Love Of Fire (Filth Mix)”
  6. X-Marks The Pedwalk “Worthless (Bloodthirsty Mix)”
  7. Electro Assassin “Heavy Unit (Solid State Edition)”
  8. Lights Of Euphoria “Subjection (Violent Mix)”
  9. Haujobb “Eye Over You (Rhythm Focus Mix)”
  10. Spartak (2) “Fin De Siècle (Remix)”
  11. Birmingham 6 “Birmingham 6 (Retaliation Mix)”
  12. Steril (2) “Overgod”
  13. Spahn Ranch “Forceps (Fezmix)”
  14. Pygmy Children “R6 (Suicide Mix)”
  15. Die Form “Unlimited (No Limit Remix)”
  16. Panic On The Titanic “Follow Me (Andrea Doria Mix)”

The Digital Space Between Vol. 2