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Dead On Arrivals – Digital

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1) The Lamb
2) The Favor Of Mercy
3) Pushing Scars
4) Something Is Coming
5) For Violence With You
6) In The Thaw

• 320kbps MP3
• Includes PDF booklet and Hi-Res Cover Art

*Please note the download comes in a .zip file and is not setup to be compatible with mobile devices or tablets. You'll need to download on a computer and unzip it, then transfer to a mobile or tablet device.


Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by: Eric Powell at Spider Bayou, PDX
Co-Produced by: Steve Hickey
Vocals: Eric Powell
Guitars: Eric Powell and Steve Hickey
Bass: Steve Hickey
Drums: Steve Hickey, Eric Powell, and Eric Bergen
Synths and Samples: Eric Powell, Erik Gustafson, and Steve Hickey
Artwork: Artemis Sere
Layout: Eric Powell
Mastered by: Eric Powell

(C) 2017, 16volt. all rights reserved.
(P) 2017, Murder Creek, BMI.