It’s been an amazing, crazy year and we’ve been riding a pretty fun wave since our “return” in 2007 with “FullBlackHabit”. I’ll keep this short and sweet but I want to first thank all of our fans, friends, families, and business partners for giving us the gift of being able to do what we love to do. We have loads in store for 2011 but you’ll be hearing all about that soon. For now I want to reflect for a short moment on 2010.

We kicked off 2010 with the release of “American Porn Songs // Remixed”. A collection of remixes from our friends, fans and friends. It was our first remix album release and we are very happy with the results. Some great, killer work on there. We are humbled and honored to hear what people did with our tunes. If for some reason you haven’t picked it up you can get it from iTunes or from Metropolis. We also have a free download of 100+ (yes, that’s correct!) remixes from fans, again, some amazing stuff in there. Grab that here!

After the success of our Denial Highway Tour, we were itching to get back out on the road. We started putting together an amazing tour with our longtime cohorts Chemlab. We also wanted to bring out our friends from the north, Left Spine Down. After a long time planning we hit the road again in Spring with the “2010 MIDI GHETTO TOUR” and played a great batch of shows throughout the US and Canada (some people call it the best tour of 2010!). We were excited to get to play Festival Kinetik in Montreal to a mixed crowd of people who were either amazed to see us, confused by our real instruments , or those who were just there to show off their home-made welding goggle yarn hair and could care less about the soundtrack. Nonetheless it was a great experience.

I had some time this year to do some remix work for Caustic, System Syn, Angelspit and Skold to name a few, look for more news on that soon also.

Also since returning from tour we have been hard at work on our new album, “Beating Dead Horses” Slated for May 2011 release. We are still working on the finishing touches and more news will follow on that front. We are planning some tours for 2011 as well. A big question we always get is, when are you coming to the UK? We have that on our radar, we are planning for the first time a more focused promotional campaign in Europe which will hopefully mean that we will finally have some solid things in place to get over there. If you haven’t done it yet, please sign up for our mailing list, like us on facebook, follow me on twitter and just keep being rad. Thank you from the inner parts of our persons for making 2010 a great year, we hope it’s just part of the new begining for us, we can feel our assault pick up steam and that’s an awesome feeling. See you in 2011!