Metropolis Records
05/05/2011, Didier BECU

It seems like the American metal-indusband 16 Volt has a predilection for provoking album titles. Two years ago they released a cd called “American porn songs”, and now they are coming up with a title that goes like “Beating Dead Horses”.

So far, 16 Volt are unknown in Europe but in America they can count on a supporting following and soon this band around Eric Powell and Mike Peoples will be touring in the land of Stars and Stripes with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.

The new cd from this band that got founded in 1998 contains 13 songs and even if a song like “Veins” has its metal-influence, there’s no doubt that “Beating dead horses” is in the first place a melodic metalindus-record that has almost the same impact as Combichrist had with the excellent “Making Monsters” -album.

You got it right, 16 Volt are the type of band that are influenced by the likes of Front Line Assembly, the later Skinny Puppy or Killing Joke, even if tracks like “The wasteland that is me” and “Sick sick sick” have a typical 16 Volt-sound.

Buy it and let’s thumb these lads are playing somewhere in your area quite soon!