2010 Metropolis Records

  1. Alkali (Mirror) Billdeaux Remix4:39
  2. Somebody To Hate (Hateheigl) Cyanotic Remix3:24
  3. American Porn Song (Skold) Skold Remix4:48
  4. Become Your None (B.Come Ur Non3) Sparrow Remix4:00
  5. Useless People (Villainous) Villainous Remix4:24
  6. Alkali (Left Spine Down) Jeremy Inkel Remix7:17
  7. American Porn Song (Black) Bryan Black Motor Remix2:53
  8. To Hell (Heroin Jazz) Duffy Remix4:16
  9. Blackbird (Gunnery) Gunnery Remix3:23
  10. It Turns All Bad (Drøne) Scott Robison Remix4:11
  11. Become Your None (Silent Strangers) Silent Strangers Remix5:48
  12. Enjoy The Pain (Sin) Sindaddy Remix3:45
  13. Alkali (Everything Goes Cold) Everything Goes Cold Remix3:27
  14. It Turns All Bad (Unternull) Unternull Remix5:55
  15. Become Your None (SMP Vs. Stiff Valentine) SMP + Stiff Valentine Remix3:43
  16. American Porn Song (Team Cybergeist) Team Cybergeist Remix4:05
  17. Enjoy The Pain (Attitude) Orko13 Remix)3:14
  18. Can You Find God? (Torsion) Solex Remix3:07
  19. American Porn Song (Be My Enemy) Be My Enemy Remix6:43
  20. Somebody To Hate (Scapegoat) Caustic Remix3:39
  21. To Hell (Acoustic)4:25
  22. It Turns All Bad (Bad Turns It All) Joseph Bishara Remix4:43

AmericanPornSongs // Remixed

Since the early nineties, 16Volt’s Eric Powell has been one of the leading influences in the American industrial rock scene. American Porn Songs // Remixed is the first official remix CD from these legendary underground machine rockers. Featuring songs from their latest album, AmericanPornSongs, remixed by a menagerie of established legendary artists and winners of the “2009 American Porn Songs Remix Contest,” the remix album is jam packed with 18 tracks of sonic battery. American Porn Songs // Remixed is an amazing accomplishment, and one that fans won’t soon forget.