1996 Huh Magazine

1. Tracy Bonham “The One”
2. Gravity Kills “Enough”
3. 7 Year Bitch “24,900 Miles Per Hour”
4. Busta Rhymes “It’s a Party”
5. China Drum “Can’t Stop These Things”
6. Amorphis “Weeper on the Shore”
7. Love in Reverse “I Inject You”
8. Yma Sumac “Goomba, Boomba”
9. Jawbox “Mirrorful”
10. God Street Wine “Ru4 Real (Radio Edit)”
11. MC Lyte “Keep on Keepin’ On”
12. Chris Cochrane’s Suck Pretty “Unthinkable”
13. 16volt “We Ain’t Going Out Like That”
14. Texas Tornados “A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada”
15. Limblifter “Vicious”
16. The Jesus Lizard “Mailman”