1996 ReConstriction Cargo Records

1. 16volt “The Dreams that Rot in Your Heart”
2. Killing Floor “Tear it All Away”
3. The Clay People “Spider’s Bride”
4. Christ Analogue “Optima”
5. Collide “Violet’s Dance”
6. Diatribe “The Son (Rough Mix)”
7. Iron Lung Corp “Murderous”
8. Waiting for God “1000 Pieces”
9. Society Burning “Awaken (Hate Dept. Mix)”
10. Non-Aggression Pact “Blown Livid”
11. Tinfed “Whatever”
12. Apparatus “Womb”
13. SMP “Pure Uncut Anger”
14. Vampire Rodents w/ Hate Dept. “Saturation”
15. 16volt “Perfectly Fake”
16. Killing Floor “Never Go Right”
17. Society Burning “Dead Man”
18. Unlisted “Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah (That Happens to be the Title of this Recording)”
19. Unlisted “All Hail the King of Hate”

Re-Constriction 10* Year Anniversary (*=5)