1997 Cleopatra Records

Disc 1
1. Frontline Assembly “Neologic Spasm (Dislocated Mix by Die Krupps)”
2. Spahn Ranch “Heretics Fork (Belief Mix by Birmingham 6)”
3. Die Krupps “Language of Reality (Mix by Charlie Clouser & Mick Cripps)”
4. Pygmy Children “Intensify (Sanctified Music by Razed In Black)”
5. Penal Colony “Reconciled (No Remorse Mix by THD)”
6. Project Pitchfork “Renascence (Infinity Mix by Frontline Assembly)”
7. Psychic TV “Fire Woman (Mix by cEvin)”
8. Christian Death “Figurative Theatre (Mix by Klute)”
9. Godheads “Eternal Youth (Psycho Mix by Psychopomps)”
10. Good Courage “The World Will Go On (Snowy Norway Mix by Apoptygma Berzerk & Virus-X)”
11. Digital Poodle “Left/Right (Mix by Incarnate)”
12. Lights of Euphoria “Injustice (Mix by Leæther Strip)”
13. Evil Mothers “You Had Enough (Mix by Pigface)”

Disc 2
1. Pigface “Steamroller (Mix by Skatenigs)”
2. Birmingham 6 “Police State (Mix by Zip Campisi)”
3. Razed In Black “Just Let Go (Cold Reality Mix by Brain Leisure)”
4. Regenerator “Everyone Follow (Spazmix by Daniel B.)”
5. Haujobb “World Window (Fusion Mix by Wumpscut)”
6. Waiting for God “2 Extremes (Mix by Collide)”
7. 16 Volt “Stitched (Face Rip Mix by Hate Dept)”
8. The Damned “Shut It (Mix by Paul Raven)”
9. Hate Dept “Start Digging (The Giver/Taker Mix by 16Volt)”
10. Leæther Strip “Lies to Tell (Mix by Lights of Euphoria)
11. Kill Switch…Klick “Kontorted (Mix by And Christ Wept)

Industrial Mix Machine