2002 Cleopatra Records

1. Combichrist “All Pain Is Gone (Rapid Ascent mix by VNV Nation)”
2. Julien-K “Kick the Bass (xtended version)”
3. IAMX “Think of England (UNFALL)”
4. Juno Reactor “Immaculate Crucifixion (Leviathan mix by The Barbarians)”
5. Babyland “You Will Never Have It (Swing mix by Sonny)”
6. 16volt “Alkali”
7. Bella Morte “Flatlined”
8. KMFDM “Potz Blitz!”
9. Eisbrecher “Schwarze Witwe (remix 2009)”
10. Seabound “The Promise (club)”
11. Informatik “Night and Day (Arena mix)”
12. Velvet Acid Christ “Caustic Disco”
13. God Module “Spooky (dance mix)”
14. Dope Stars Inc. “21st Century Slave (2.0 mix by Dope Stars Inc.)”
15. :wumpscut: “Fuckit”
16. Decoded Feedback “Where Am I”
17. Electric Six “Gay Bar (live in Ibiza)”

Metropolis: ReBirth 2.0